Global Carbon Check Launches Methodology for Renewable Energy ETCP3001

Today, Global Carbon Check launches its first methodology under the Energy and Technology Credit Program (ETCP). ETCP3001 methodology is focused on Grid Connected Electricity Generation from Renewable Source technologies.


With many nations prioritising emission reduction and embracing the transition to renewable energy, the ETCP3001 methodology aligns with this global shift. By incentivizing regions worldwide through carbon finance, especially where renewable technologies remain costly, Global Carbon Check aims to accelerate the adoption of green energy.


Key Highlights 

  • ETCP3001 expands its focus beyond Greenfield projects to include Brownfield projects.
  • Along with the integration of Battery Energy Storage Systems.


Green Energy Technology Covered by ETCP3001

  • Offshore and Onshore Wind

  • Solar Photovoltaic

  • Tidal

  • Wave


What's next ?

Global Carbon Check is actively developing a DMRV System for ETCP3001, aimed at issuance of carbon credits annually with enhancing transparency, credibility as a mandate.