Methodology ETCP3001 open for public Comment

Global Carbon Check's methodology, "ETCP3001 - Grid Connected Electricity Generation from Renewable Source" Methodology is currently open for public comments and consultation. We invite all stakeholders and experts to contribute their insights to enhance the methodology.


The public consultation period for Energy and Technology Credit Program methedology ETCP3001 - Grid Connected Electricity Generation from Renewable Sources_V1.0 is now in progress and will remain open until February 10, 2024.

We value your feedback as it plays a crucial role in enhancing our methodology. We encourage you to thoroughly review the documentation, share your valuable thoughts, suggestions, and any concerns you may have.

To actively participate in the public consultation:

  • Access the ETCP3001 Methodology.

  • Submit your comments using the provided Comment Template by February 10, 2024. Kindly send your feedback  to

We sincerely appreciate your commitment to sustainable practices and applaud your involvement in shaping the future of our Energy and Technology Credit Program.