Governance of Global Carbon Check

Global Carbon Check holds a neutral regulator's position within the voluntary carbon market. It plays a pivotal role in approving projects and issuing Carbon Tokens (CTs or Carbon Credits), overseeing the accreditation of Verification and Validation Bodies (VVBs). 

Guided by the Advisory Board, which comprises influential public and private sector organizations. Technical feedback is streamlined through the Stakeholder Program Development Committee, a secondary advisory group specific to each program. This committee collaborates with national and international experts, focusing on methodology, technology, projects, and standards for greenhouse gas reduction.

The Advisory Board is initially appointed on a provisional basis with the primary goal of offering strategic guidance to the GCACH. In addition to providing strategic direction and growth for the registry, the main advisory group leverages the expertise of prominent stakeholders to navigate policy landscapes. At the stakeholder level, the secondary advisory group, known as the Stakeholder Program Development Committee, aligns its focus with specific programs and methodologies.


The "Advisory Board" key responsibilities includes

  • Offering strategic direction to shape the vision, work program, and ambitions of GCACH, along with contributing insights into its governance structure, modalities, and procedures.

  • Providing support for strategic decisions, including but not limited to the expansion of GCACH into diverse sectors and geographic areas, as well as guiding strategic outreach activities.


The "Stakeholder Program Development Committee" key responsibilities includes

  • Review a repository of endorsed rules, procedures, methodologies, and standards, and offer constructive feedback, comments, and suggestions for improvement.


The Global Carbon Check Team key responsibilities include (Apart from Project Life Cycle):

  • Updates regarding new baseline and monitoring methodologies for the calculation of emission reductions, as needed.

  • Monitor the functions and outcomes of both the Advisory Group, responsible for reviewing and approving baseline and monitoring methodologies, projects, and other technical documents.

  • Oversee the GCACH accreditation process for VVBs

  • Conducting on-site reviews of GHG reduction projects (if needed).

  • Conducting off-site reviews of project submission documents to GCACH.

  • Reviewing monitoring reports that claim emission reductions.

  • Evaluating evidence, instrumentation, and monitoring systems on the ground for emission reduction projects.