Global Carbon Check Launches Development of India’s First “Urban Forest Credit Program”(UFCP)

Global Carbon Check Launches Development of India’s First “Urban Forest Credit Program”(UFCP) 


Global Carbon Check has recently launched the development of a new Urban Forest Credit Program(UFCP) for India, aiming to unleash the vast potential for immediate and large-scale sustainable urban greening in India .


This Urban Forest Credit Program will encompass the following key interventions:

  • Development of Verified Methodology - We are actively working on creating a verified methodology to accurately quantify emission reductions and removal achieved through urban area plantations.

  • DMRV System Integration - A dedicated Digital Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (DMRV) system tailored to this program and for methodology in development. Due to the highly diverse nature of this program,this system will be designed to streamline processes, simplify complexities, and enhance financial viability for the projects.

  • Impact Assessment Framework - We are developing a comprehensive framework to assess the ecological, social, and economic impacts of projects enrolled in this program. This framework will provide insights into the tangible effects of projects registered under this program.


DMRV intervention

We are committed to developing a Digital Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification process that will incorporate certain technologies open for Project Developers and Proponents, ultimately reducing data reporting verification gaps and mitigating other verification process challenges.


Impact Framework intervention

We are dedicated to creating a specialised framework for the Urban Forestry Credit Program. This framework will allow us to measure the program's impact in urban areas, focusing on sociocultural place-making concepts, green city initiatives, ecological protection, restoration, and the enhancement of urban ecology.


Get Involved

Stakeholder engagement is vital to ensure the practicality and credibility of the Urban Forestry Credit Program. We initially explored how Global Carbon Check carbon accounting expertise could support increased climate action through this program. Stakeholders will continue to have multiple opportunities to engage throughout the development process, including:

  • Stakeholder Program Development Committee - This committee, will  be comprising of 9 members, will influence the program's strategic direction and technical design. It welcomes ideas, updates on methodologies or technology development, and feedback.

  • Participation in Pilot Programs - The program will select up to 3 pilot projects for initial quantification methodology testing and technology testing.

  • Consultative Webinars - The GCACH Urban Forest Credit Program Development Team will host webinars to present updates and decisions made during the program development process, actively encouraging stakeholder feedback and input.


To be part of Stakeholder Program Devlopment Committe or if you have any questions please reach out at (